Company NOVA FIRMA new company registration and ready made company sales Ltd. is engaged in founding new business companies, sale of ready made companies with limited liability (Ltd) and business advising from the field of business companies.

Company NOVA FIRMA Ltd. offers you business advisory in:
- Founding of business companies (Ltd., Ultd, limited partnership, joint-stock company,
  sleeping partnership, double partnership),
- Founding of subsidiaries of home company and founding of subsidiaries of foreign company,
- Founding of institutions, associations and Economic interest associations (EIC),
- Merging of companies and other statutory transformations of companies,
- Cessation of companies (shorten procedure, winding-up, bankruptcy).

Company NOVA FIRMA Ltd. organizes for you all the necessary for founding of any business company, increase of capital and other changes in the company (change of headquarters, activity, director, confidential clerk .)

Company NOVA FIRMA Ltd. founds companies with limited liability, which it offers as new founded companies for sale to natural persons and legal persons. Natural and legal persons can buy companies with limited liability that have never been opened and are absolutely free of commitments and can start with business immediately after ownership takeover.

Company NOVA FIRMA Ltd. is, in compliance with legal appointments, cooperating with notaries of the Notary Chamber of Slovenia.

Kersnikova ulica 3
Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia

Phone Nr: +386 (0)64 153 000

E-mail: nova.firma@t-2.net

Working hours: Mon. to Fri. from 8.00 to 16.00, Tel. num.: +386 (0)64 153 000, e-mail: nova.firma@t-2.net